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Welcome to Dr. Guitar Music - Where dreams come true! Serving Northern New York's Musical Community, Dr. Guitar was established April 1981 by Bruce Paige after more than a decade and a half of professional playing, recording, vintage instrument collecting, luthier work, and retail management for the Bronen's Music store chain. Dr. Guitar Music is an independent music store located at 154 Court St., downtown Watertown, New York, in a retail sector that is home to many excellent specialty businesses.

  Dr. Guitar stocks Gibson, Fender, Schecter, Epiphone, Martin, Taylor, Breedlove, Larrivee, Gretsch, Guild, Jackson, Ibanez, Squier, Ashdown, Digitech, TC Electronics, MXR, EMG, Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, Lanakai, Vox, , Washburn, Takamine, Ovation, Spector, Warwick, BC Rich, ESP, Ludwig, Presonus, Yamaha, Tama, ddrum, Fernandes, Alvarez, Peavey, Crate, Marshall, Ampeg, Randall, Line 6, Boss, Mackie, American DJ, Zildjian, Sabian, Wuhan, Bedell, Luna, Dean and many more.

  Dr. Guitar Music offers Band Instruments on a Rent-To-Own basis. The Doctor also stocks a wide selection of reeds, books, stands, and accessories. Call or click today for information about Dr. Guitar Music's Band Instrument Rental program.

Dr. Guitar Music is a destination, and it's worth the drive. Dr. Guitar stocks the most popular product lines on the planet, all at deep discount prices. Dr. Guitar normally stocks a thousand guitars, hundreds of amplifiers, keyboards, and drums. Dr. Guitar also maintains the most comprehensive selection of strings, picks, tuners, reeds, oils, violin parts, banjo & mandolin parts, drumsticks, drumheads, tambourines, tubes, slides, harmonicas, ukuleles, stick holders, microphones, digital recorders, drum brushes, pedal-boards, Gibraltar racks and accessories, guitars stands, amp stands, microphone stands, straps, clip-on tuners, pickups, cymbal stands, drum thrones, Kickports, cymbal polish, chord charts, guitar cases and bags, guitar cables, microphone cables, speaker cables, Hosa adaptors, drum mufflers, drum keys, stick tape, bass drum pedals, mallets, keyboard stands, capos, Used effects pedals, strap locks, moon gel, mirror balls, DJ lighting and many more. If the legendary Dr. doesn't have it, we'll help you find it. Employee turnover frequently exceeds ten to twenty years, so when you come in or call, if we don't know your name, at least you can converse with the same person consistently until we get to know you personally.

                         Keep the Dream Alive,
                           Bruce Steven Paige

Army Vet Owned
Dr. Guitar Music is Army Vet Owned

Dr. Guitar Music's Meganormous Selection of Acoustic Guitars For Sale

Dr. Guitar Music is Open Sunday 12-4 in Watertown, NY

Store Hours:  Monday - Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 12pm-4pm

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